How to Fix Showbox Captcha Not Working Error

Android users can immediately download the Showbox apk document and install on their cell phone. But, watching movies on the PC gives a much better viewing experience due to the large screen. People can also install Showbox on their PC using Android emulators or even Arc welder. Showbox has some excellent features. Some are listed below.

  • Showbox app is totally free of cost.
  • Showbox has an excellent library of movies, TV shows, popular serials and much more, all arranged in exact categories. Users can get maximum amusement by using this app.
  • Showbox Apk document is small in size so it consumes less space.
  • Users can choose the resolution of video they are watching and can choose the preferred media players according to their wishes.

Fix Showbox Captcha Not Working Error

Even though Showbox has these amazing features, users might experience some problems as well. A most common problem is people getting Showbox captcha not working error. While logging into the Showbox app, the app asks the user to verify that a captcha. Captcha is used to differentiate human from machine input. After login, each time a user attempts to play a movie, the program again asks to confirm a captcha. App developers have done this to avoid spams.

The best way to bypass entering captcha

Users need to sign up to (VK is Russian established social networking and social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter) to prevent entering captcha on the Showbox app.

Step 1: Create a account on by inputting basic details like first name, last name, DOB and gender.
Step 2: After entering the details, click ‘sign-up’. Now put in your contact number and set a password.
Step 4: Now open Showbox program and select’sign up in’.

These steps are also available in full guide on how to fix showbox captcha error site.

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